My passion for repairing cars started at a very young age.  I spent many hours watching my best friend’s father work on cars.  I’d also volunteer to run short errands for him.  Watching and assisting enabled me to learn and increased my desire to repair cars.

By my teenage years, I had already begun to repair friends’ and family members’ cars.  With that level of hands on experience, I was certain at that point that the auto repair industry would be an important part of my future.

My professional experience started at a local tire shop.  My duties included and were limited to checking and changing brakes and doing wheel alignments.  After a while, the position no longer felt challenging.  I desired more and was determined to not limit myself.  I then set out and was successful at landing a position as a technician at a local Volvo dealership.  I spent several years there repairing all years, makes and models of Volvos.  I received all necessary factory training and A.S.E. certifications as a Volvo Technician.  I increased my knowledge of Volvo repair and am now considered a Master Technician.

Soon, thereafter, I moved on to a local Mercedes Benz dealership.  I craved the knowledge of a different model car.  After spending a significant amount of time there, I obtained all my factory training and A.S.E. certifications.  My skills and qualifications as a Mercedes Benz technician are equivalent to my skills as a Volvo technician.

Over the years, the make-up of your vehicle has become more and more complex.  Special tools and diagnostic equipment are designed especially for specific years, makes and models of Volvo and Mercedes Benz.  More importantly, product knowledge is a necessity when repairing these vehicles.  Unfortunately, a general mechanic may have generic diagnostic instruments.  This means that problems can possibly go undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed and could cause you to make unnecessary return visits for the same problem.  This ultimately equates to the unnecessary use of parts, wasted time and  increased costs to the consumer.

On the flip side, taking your car to a local dealership involves no personalization and could be very costly to the consumer.  Each repair is performed by a different technician and the total charge for auto parts and labor is extremely overpriced.

After seeing the destruction that a general mechanic’s work can do to a vehicle that requires specialized diagnostic equipment and noticing the high cost of auto repair charged by dealerships, the idea for Harris Automotive was ignited.  I provide discounted prices without sacrificing quality in parts or workmanship.  Your service and/or repair is performed by the owner and will be done right the first time around.  Communication is guaranteed throughout the process of your car repair.

The ultimate goal of Harris Automotive is to assist and educate the consumer.  Assistance consists of servicing your vehicle’s needs by providing technical expertise.  Education is providing information on the disservice of general mechanics and overpricing done by dealerships.  Harris Automotive has prided itself on doing professional work, relying on specialized diagnostic equipment and discounting prices.

Have your car serviced at Harris Automotive where the consumer comes first.  Our motto is:

To have your car fixed….is temporary.

To have your car repaired….is permanent.